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Née en 1966 Dany.M.REGINATO est une artiste autodidacte établie dans la Drôme depuis 2002, Ayant grandi avec cette envie de création à travers ses dessins, peintures et modelages. Elle participe à un premier atelier d’art graphique et de sculpture modelage en 2000 et c’est là que se précise sa voie artistique Elle explore ensuite la mosaïque et c’est la révélation.

C’est pour sa polyvalence qu’elle choisit de s’exprimer avec plus de liberté et elle apprécie depuis les possibilités d’expression infinies que lui procure l’art.

Elle nous propose des séries d’œuvres différentes laissant place à l’interprétation de chacun.

Les thèmes abordés par son travail sont assez féministe et parfois engagés.

Elle aime l'idée  de susciter l'intérêt à travers des expositions d'œuvres réalisées parfois à partir d'emballage. L'art comme outil de communication.

Réduire notre production de déchets c’est participer à une prise de conscience citoyenne.




Born on July 19th 1966 in the Loire region, she started working at the age of 17 as an administrative assistant. She then pursued various employment opportunities in the food industry, sales, accounting etc…

However, her true passion was always in plastic arts. Dany invested her interest and creative time in drawing (pencils, pastels, watercolors, acrylic, oil) and worked with salt dough. As Dany explored more artistic forms, she was encouraged by the positive feedbacks, including the sale of some of her art work.

Upon settling in La Crau, France with her husband and children in December 1999, the desire to dedicate herself to the arts manifested itself and became a pivoting point in her career as an artist.

In September 2000, she attended classes in graphic expression, which enabled her creativity to blossom. Consequently, she decided to abandon her watercolors in order to learn other methods.

Her first creative experiences with salt dough and the collaboration with other artists led her to work with clay and mosaic. She was now interested in using other material and intrigued to explore other media, while never abandoning clay.

Her creations increasingly generated interest, her art pieces reflecting her generosity, her willingness to share, her commitment, her challenges, her energy, her drive… She was asked to exhibit her collection in the south of France. It was the beginning of a great adventure.

She currently resides in Montéléger (France) where she located her workshop in 2002 L’ATELIER DE DAN”, in the heart of the village. After offering art classes in local schools and in her own workshop for almost four years, she was approached again to exhibit some pieces of her collection.

Today, Dany M REGINATO is enjoying continued success and participates in exhibits throughout Western Europe and abroad.



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